ādibuddha or samantabhadra


There is the wisdom intention, the All-good intention that is the natural ground Reality.

What is the origin of the six realms, what is their cause?

They only appear when one is in the (indivi)dualism, and it is the (indivi)dualism that they depend for their existence on:
in reality, they are all mere projections of the state of consciousness referred to as Samantabadhra
and do not exist apart from it.

Ādibuddha is the (n)one ground, natural reality, not something transcendental or transpersonal to be attained in a dim future when we are purer.

Ādibuddha is simply what is already the (n)one and only reality, inherently non-existing, non-arising and non-abiding, beyond thoughts, effort, and action.

“Liberation while resting in the state of non-thought is the essence of the natural state of awareness.”  
– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

That natural and spontaneous state of complete freedom is represented anthropomorphically as ādibuddha.

The Aspiration of the Primordial Buddha that makes it impossible for all beings not to attain buddhahood:

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