Akshobhya Buddha Dharani

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namo bhagavate Akṣhobhāya
tathāgatāyārhate saṃyaksaṃbuddhyāya.
oṃ kaṃkani kaṃkani.
rocani rocani.
troṭani troṭani.
trāsani trāsani.
pratihana pratihana.
sarva karma paraṃparāṇime sarva sattvānañca svāhā.

“If you recite it continually, all the karma flowing from lifetime to lifetime will be purified.”
“If you recite it three times daily, even the karma of five heinous deeds will be cleared away.”
“If someone is filled with compassion and recites it in the hearing range of a dying wild animal, bird, human being, or asura, that being will not be born in the lower realms.”
-The Dharani thoroughly purifies all karmic obstructions

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