Arya Mangala-loka Tara

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Arya-mangalaloka-Tara, Tara Auspiciously Shining (Bkra shis snang ba’i Sgrol ma), who grants prosperity and brings about auspicious circumstances

Homage to her, whose crescent-moon tiara
And jeweled ornaments sparkle brilliantly,
Who from Amitabha atop her vast stream of hair,
Floods forth immense rays of light.

On a double lotus and moon, from A appears Yellow Tara with one face and eight arms. The right hands hold trident, hook, vajra and sword. The left hands hold a jewel at the heart, hook, club and flask. The lord of the type is Vairocana.

She is gold, and we praise her crown ornaments. From her crescent moon crown ornament, white light radiates and eliminates sickness, suffering, sorrow, poverty, and depression. Then yellow light radiates from her crown ornament and performs the action of increasing. It enhances sentient beings’ life span, positive potential, wisdom, and good qualities.

From the small Amitabha on Tara’s crown, light streams to all sentient beings, purifying their negative karma and inspiring them to gain Dharma realizations.

om tare tuttare ture mangalam swaha


Iconography by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.
21 Taras by Indian artist VV Sarpar.

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