“Our fields of perception are buddhafields.”

The spaciousness that is pristine spontaneity
Pervades everything, joining outside and inside;
It has no boundaries, top or bottom, and is beyond direction.
As pure presence, it is clear like the sky, nonspatial, nondual;
As the vast matrix itself, it is beyond pulsating thought and image.

The magical illusion that emanates within this unborn spaciousness,
Quite indeterminate, without any definition whatsoever,
Cannot be denominated as some thing
For it has no substance or attribute.
Insofar as its skylike nature fills space-time,
It is unborn spontaneity—
No before or after, no beginning or end.

The nature of all samsara and nirvana is this luminous mind,
Unmanifest, unproduced, indeterminate spontaneity,
Coming from nowhere and going nowhere;
The matrix of luminous mind indicates neither past nor future,
For it is unvarying in its all-pervasive uniformity.

Reality, just as it is, without beginning, middle or end,
An all-pervasive smoothness, is skylike in nature:
Without either beginning or end, it supersedes linear time;
Without origination or cessation, it can have neither substance nor attribute;
It is invariable, so it cannot be denominated as any “thing”;

It cannot be induced or practiced, so nothing is to be done;
And without mass or volume, it is the ground of suchness.
Unimageable and unassailable, it is the matrix of sameness;
Since sameness is the reality of all things,
Everything necessarily rests in the matrix of sameness;
This luminous mind is a singularity in which all is equal,
And since its all-pervasive smoothness is like unmanifest space,
Within that gamut of sameness, there can be no intervention.

This fortress of nontemporal spontaneity, all-pervasive,
This fortress of the vast matrix of the now, without top, bottom or middle,
This fortress of the unborn dharmakaya, impartially all-accommodating,
This fortress of precious secrecy that is unchanging spontaneity –
This fortress of the now, the entire galaxy, samsara and nirvana,
This is the totality, the single denominator.

Upon a zero-dimensional, all-pervasive foundation,
Stands the palace of luminous mind, samsara and nirvana identical;
At its marvelously high pinnacle is the vast matrix of reality,
The center of an uncreated omni-dimensional panorama,
A wide-open doorway to freedom from graduated endeavor.

Within that palace arrayed with spontaneously amassed wealth,
The king Self-Sprung Awareness takes his throne;
His pulsating projections, emanations of his pristine awareness,
Serve as ministers who govern his domain;
The holy queen Innate Meditative Absorption attends
With Spontaneous Guru-Vision, her offspring, and her servants,
All centered in the pure pleasure matrix of intrinsic, nonconceptual clarity.

Within that still, ineffable plenum,
The king masters all manifest and potential appearances,
And the immense dominion of vast spaciousness is his.
Living in that land, everything is dharmakaya:
Never straying from our unitary self-sprung awareness in the now,
Seizing the uncreated now, beyond striving and practice,
Encompassed by the one sole sphere that has no hard edges,
Just as we are, we are centered in that undifferentiated, all-inclusive matrix.

Since the six mythic realms and even the buddhafields
Shine nowhere but in that skylike reality,
In that inherently clear luminous mind they are of one taste,
And samsara and nirvana are naturally assimilated to pure presence.

In this treasury of existential spaciousness, the universal source,
Nirvana, unsought, is the constant spontaneity of the now;
So taking the dharmakaya as unchanging,
As nonreferential, as all-investing,
Internal and external visions, all life forms, are the sambhogakaya
And the nirmanakaya is like naturally occurring reflection.
So all experience necessarily ornamenting the three kayas,
It is all empty physical, energetic and mental display,
And the countless buddhafields, likewise, without exception,
All arise from the same source, the nature of mind, the trikaya matrix.

The contents of samsara, the six realms and their inhabitants,
Also, surely, are mere reflections within intrinsic spaciousness;
All the phantasmagoria of life and death, pleasure and pain,
Like apparitional show, abound in the matrix of mind in itself;
Apparent, yet insubstantial and hence truly nonexistent,
It occurs through adventitious circumstance,
Like moisture condensing as clouds;
Neither existent nor nonexistent, beyond determinate extremes,
It is all included in the one sole sphere where nothing is elaborated.

The nature of mind, the essential luminous mind,
Pure like the sky, free of birth and death, pleasure and pain,
Unaffected by materiality, is indifferent to samsara and nirvana;
It cannot be indicated as some “thing” For it is a vast skylike matrix;
Unchanging and incapable of sublimation,
It is unalloyed spontaneity;
Buddha lies in the vajra-heart that is clear light,
Where everything is fields of self-sprung bliss,
Everything the unremitting sameness of that supreme light.

Dowman, Keith. Spaciousness: The Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra-Heart: Longchenpa’s Treasury of the Dharmadhatu (pp. 47-50).  Kindle Edition: