Mahasiddha Tilopas’s blessings

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Mahasiddha Tilopa’s blessings still reverberate and are readily available to all who empirically embrace this one simple fact that:“There is no antidote, not because the poison is nonexistent, but because it is not needed.” The supremacy (as per Siddha Marpa) … Continued

Spiritual Shadows

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The appearances of the world are not the problem,it’s clinging (or aversion) to them that causes suffering. — Mahasiddha Tilopa Many people are simply deluding themselves by believing that purity (renunciation of desires, passions, money, sex, enjoyments, material abundance, etc.) … Continued

Four classes of Tantra

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There is so much disparity between various Esoteric (or Buddhist) Tantric practices that two practitioners of different classes of Tantra can hardly relate to one another. It is the inner capacity that distinguishes practitioners, in my opinion. Inner capacity to … Continued

From beyond: the nirodha-samāpatti

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“…niroda-samapatti or ‘attainment of extinction’, also called saññā-vedayita-nirodha, ‘extinction of feeling and perception’, is the temporary suspension of all consciousness and mental activity, following immediately upon the semi-conscious state called ‘sphere of neither-perception-nor-non-perception’ (s. jhāna, 8).The absolutely necessary pre-conditions to … Continued

Mahasiddha Saraha speaks

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Marpa, the guru of Milarepa, has been brought by dakinis before Mahasiddha Saraha. Upon seeing Him, the signs of great devotion and love aroused (crying, hair all over his body standing on the edge, etc…). The great Mahasiddha spoke these … Continued