All good

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“…Here in this womb-like spaciousness,In the spontaneity of the now, Samsara is all good and while nirvana is also good In this all-good matrix, in the now, Neither samsara nor nirvana exist. Appearances are all good, And while emptiness is also all good In this all-good … Continued

No reality on its own

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“As in a dream, all the external objects perceived with the five senses are not there, but appear through delusion. As in a magic show, things are made to appear by a temporary conjunction of causes, circumstances and connections. As in … Continued

Supreme attainment

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“…The supreme experience of self-luminous awareness  Happens when all things are essences of clarity,  The way that it appears to us Resembles that of a precious jewel.  We have no position or preference.  We achieve this spontaneously. The way that … Continued