Mahasiddha Saraha speaks

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Marpa, the guru of Milarepa, has been brought by dakinis before Mahasiddha Saraha. Upon seeing Him, the signs of great devotion and love aroused (crying, hair all over his body standing on the edge, etc…). The great Mahasiddha spoke these … Continued

Demons feasting upon the body

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Chöd is an advanced Tantric practice in which an adept offers his whole body to gods, demons and other spirits to feast upon as a means to cut through attachments. It is truly one of the most advanced and challenging … Continued

Jetsun Milarepa on Mahamudra

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In a rather unusual text-like precept from Recognizing Mahamudra’s Illuminating Wisdom, Milarepa explains that “mahamudra” means three things: the ultimate reality of things, termed the basis; the practice leading to its realization, termed the path; and the illumined state of … Continued