I’m now Milarepa, but I’m certain
This body of leisure and opportunity will be spent.
This canyon of samsara is a vast abyss
And I fear the narrow track of birth and death.

When I think that this wandering in samsara
Lasts till the forces of action and effect are stilled,
I know it’s time to end this illusion of ego.

And how could I bear the way these beings
Of the six realms, our kind mothers, are tormented by misery?
Thus I sought the path for quickly achieving
This body of conquerors, leaders of beings.

First, by the conferral of the vase empowerment,
My ordinary body was identified with deity’s.
Then by the secret empowerment of the stream of speech,
Currents flowing in the right and left channels were drawn to
the central.
By igniting the bliss of the third empowerment (of wisdom),
I saw the naked maiden of the egoless sphere,
And by recognition of the four bodies symbolically expressed
In the fourth empowerment (of words),
I faced the unity of the three bodies.

After entering the initiatory doors,
I practised the two phases
And unified with space and awareness
The deity’s body produced earlier on the path.

This unification with space and awareness is Vajradhara.
For this purpose, the emanation-body of Shakyamuni appeared.

This is victory over birth, death, and bardo.
Having obtained the three bodies for myself,
I’ve no hope or fear about other results.

– Jetsun Milarepa
(Drinking the Mountain Stream)