Tantric practices in general and Vajrayana methods in particular can not be really separated from everyday life.

Actually, it is quite natural to embrace the everyday experience as skillful means and employ the everyday life to assist in waking us up, as it were.

The stories about people from all walks of life (kings, fishermen, scholars, farmers, common workers, etc.) becoming fully enlightened in one life by following
Tantric and Mahamudra practices, are excellent examples of how avoiding everyday life is not really needed. Their stories can be learned from the Masters of Mahamudra.

The immortal Goraknath Mahasiddha shares this exact line of thought in His song:

Whatever your birth, high, middle or low,
Resourcefully using your given situation
You reach your goal without impeding the amazing karmic flow.
Seizing my chance I set the seeds of my enlightenment
By performing selfless service to Caurangi with kindness;
Then after Acinta administered the nectar of immortality

Gorakshaa gained insight into non-dual reality.
Now here I stand-Cowherd King of the Three Realms.