There are no words…to describe the unfathomable. He is simply way beyond any kind of structure limited by space and time.

Amongst other emanations, He is known as Goraknath, the Immortal yogi and Mahamudra Mahasiddha, the source of various teachings (hatha yoga, aghori tantra, kriya yoga, Nath tradition, etc…). He never leaves our plane of existence, slowly bringing His devotees and fortunate disciples towards non-dual natural reality.

“Whatever your birth, high, middle or low,
Resourcefully using your given situation
You reach your goal without impeding the amazing karmic flow…”
– Goraknath Mahasiddha (from “Masters of Mahamudra”*)

He has become well known in the west in His emanation as Mahavatar Babaji through the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda.

His most recent emanation (1970 – 1984) as Haidakhan Bhole Baba has shared a few pieces of info about Himself: forever young and immortal, He was one of the teachers of Shankaracarya, Jesus and Kabir. His emanations date back to Mahabharata and even to the time of Rama.

He is non-other than Goraksha Mahasiddha.

He shared with some of His students that He was the Milarepa, the great yogi of Tibet.
(“I am harmony”***)

He has many names and His natural and simple presence is maybe best reflected in the name simply Babaji.

He is my root Guru.

His unceasing compassion and guidance manifested as Kriya Yoga and Tantra initiations in 1993, and Anuttarayoga Tantra, Mahamudra, and Mahamudra Chöd empowerments in the Formless Dakini lineage in 2014/15.

om ah gorakhnat hum p’hat
om ah guru hasa vajra sarva siddhi hum


* Masters of Mahamudra: Songs and Histories of the Eighty-Four Buddhist Siddhas,

*** I am Harmony, the book about Babaji, page 48, Radhe Shyam, 1990 and 2006,