Guru Yoga (II.)

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Marpa, Milarepa’s Guru

Oh, my Guru! The Exemplar of the View, Practice, and Action,
Pray vouchsafe me your grace, and enable me 
To be absorbed in the realm of Self-nature! 

For the View, Practice, Action, and Accomplishment 
There are three Key-points you should know: 

All the manifestation, the Universe itself, is contained in the mind; 
The nature of Mind is the realm of illumination 
Which can neither be conceived nor touched. 
These are the Key-points of the View. 

Errant thoughts are liberated in the Dharmakaya; 
The awareness, the illumination, is always blissful; 
Meditate in a manner of non-doing and non-effort. 
These are the Key-points of Practice. 

In the action of naturalness 
The Ten Virtues spontaneously grow; 
All the Ten Vices are thus purified. 
By corrections or remedies 
The Illuminating Void is ne’er disturbed. 
These are the Key-points of Action. 

There is no Nirvana to attain beyond; 
There is no Samsara here to renounce; 
Truly to know the Self-mind 
It is to be the Buddha Himself. 
These are the Key-points of Accomplishment. 

Reduce inwardly the Three Key-points to One. 
This One is the Void Nature of Being, 
Which only a wondrous Guru 
Can clearly illustrate. 

Much activity is of no avail; 
If one sees the Simultaneously Born Wisdom, 
He reaches the goal. 

For all practitioners of Dharma 
The preaching is a precious gem; 
It is my direct experience from yogic meditation. 
Think carefully and bear it in your minds, 
Oh, my children and disciples.

– Jetsun Milarepa

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