Tantric Buddhism or Vajrayana, the last of the three Buddhist paths (the first two being Hinayana and Mahayana) is reputed that can provide a faster path towards enlightenment, thus reducing the need of experiencing several lifetimes before reaching the final illumination. It can be practiced by every individual, not only monks and nuns.

In many texts written by Tantric Masters, it is said that following Vajrayana Path one can reach the final Enlightenment in one lifetime and in the present body whereas practicing the Sutrayana path might take eons.

Vajrayana embraces the so-called Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or Tantric Deities and integrates these real beings into everyday practice.

There is really a lot of, well, everything to be received from these Beings and integrated into everyday life.

And the source of all progress, benefits, guidance, and protection on the Tantric Path to Enlightenment is the Lineage.

Being initiated by a Master of any authentic Lineage bestows not only most needed instructions for specific practices, but also the support and means to actualize the potential of the practice.

Blessings of a Lineage is all important.