Mahasiddha Saraha speaks

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Marpa, the guru of Milarepa, has been brought by dakinis before Mahasiddha Saraha. Upon seeing Him, the signs of great devotion and love aroused (crying, hair all over his body standing on the edge, etc…).

The great Mahasiddha spoke these instructions on Mahamudra:


“NAMO Compassion and emptiness are inseparable.
This uninterrupted flowing innate mind
Is suchness, primordially pure.
Space is seen in intercourse with space.
Because the root resides at home,
Mind consciousness is imprisoned.
Meditating on this, subsequent thoughts
Are not patched together in the mind.
Knowing the phenomenal world is the nature of mind,
Meditation requires no further antidote.
The nature of mind cannot be thought.
Rest in this natural state.
When you see this truth, you will be liberated.
Just as a child would, watch the behavior of
Be carefree; eat flesh; be a madman.

Just like a fearless lion,
Let your elephant mind wander free.
See the bees hovering among the flowers.
Not viewing samsara as wrong,
There is no such thing as attaining nirvana
This is the way of ordinary mind.
Rest in natural freshness.
Do not think of activities.
Do not cling to one side or one direction.
Look into the midst of the space of simplicity.”


From the book:

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