Mahasiddha Tilopas’s blessings

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Mahasiddha Tilopa’s blessings still reverberate and are readily available to all who empirically embrace this one simple fact that:
“There is no antidote,
not because the poison is nonexistent,
but because it is not needed.”

The supremacy (as per Siddha Marpa) of the Formless or Hearing Lineage:

“Although everyone has a lineage,
If one has the Dakini’s lineage, that is it.
Although everyone has forefathers,
If one has Tilopa, that is it.
Although everyone has a guru,
If one has Naropa, that is it.
Although everyone has oral instructions,
If one has the hearing lineage, that is it.
Although everyone attains enlightenment by meditating,
If one becomes enlightened without effort in meditation,
that is it.”
– Marpa

The above passage refers to the sacred teachings of the transference of consciousness, outlined in the Vajradaka Tantra:

“Those who engage in killing a brahmana every day,
Performing the five actions of immediate retribution,
Stealing, pillaging, and even rape,
Will be liberated through this path.
You will not be defiled by these non virtues.
And will far transcend the faults of samsara.”

May all fortunate ones attain these sacred teachings…


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