Kriya Yoga

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Mahavatar Babaji, Kriya Yoga Master

The completion sadhana of Anuttarayoga Tantra focuses on the central channel (also known as sushumna in the kundalini yoga), by bringing into the channel all winds (aspects of prana, the life energy, that fuels the emotional and mental events in the mind) and dissolving them along with the bija and everything else.

Kriya yoga has contributed immensely to the ease of “handling” (for the lack of a better word) the central channel.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the advanced Kriya yoga practice as a preliminary and additional sadhana to the Highest Yoga Tantra.

I was initiated into the advanced technique called Kriya Yoga in 1993. I have performed it for around ten years, sometimes up to two hours a day, while living here in the West.

My Master, Sri Babaji, said to me: Kriya Yoga is for people with a lion heart.

I agree, Kriya Yoga is not for beginners or for those that are not really fully dedicated to spiritual transformation. In practice, that translates to disciplined and really opened heart and deep willingness to surrender to Devi/Gurudev/Yidam/Ishta deva/i

I was introduced to four levels of Kriya Yoga practice.

I practiced Kriya yoga each day for years, at first only a few minutes as its power is truly staggering. I started by doing the first Kriya, and then slowly moved on to second Kriya.

The Second Kriya, as I see it, employs powerful and efficient mudras and bandhas: mula bandha, shambhavi mudra, and specific breathing. It is also used as a process for leaving a body at the time of physical death. I spent hundreds of hours performing the sacred techniques until I was allowed to move on to third Kriya. Second Kriya for me is at least twenty times more effective than the first Kriya.

The Third Kriya, as far as I can see, is even more powerful and efficient. It is in two parts and it employs complete mula bandha, shambhavi mudra, bandha traya, retention of breath and of course, a specific kind of breathing and directing of attention. It is a mighty tool, far beyond anything words are able to convey. I must have spent hundreds of hours performing this Kriya alone.

About the Forth Kriya, my Master has said: “This is a way to God.”. And it truly is. It employs a powerful combination of aforementioned mudras and bandhas, sacred mantra Aum and retention of breath. Even during the Fourth Kriya samadhi manifests easily and effortlessly, what to speak after the Kriya practice.

There are three more levels of Kriya Yoga, specific empowerments that enhance the awareness beyond anything a human mind can possibly imagine.

An authentic Kriya yoga initiation is a must.
There are various lineages existing currently on this plane. If inspired, maybe one can seek initiation from organizations through the links:

Completion practice of Vajrayogini sadhana

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Thus I have heard:

(1) When you are centered upon yourself as the Vajrayogini, perceiving your body, speech and mind to be actually Her body, speech and mind, your focus is already at the central channel.

(2) What you need to do now is just see the phenomena Source by looking directly at it in front of your eyes at first and then within the Heart.

(3) See what is going on: there is the One Source in the Heart which is the base of everything, and at the same time, there is phenomena manifesting from that One Source.

(4) You can see that there is the letter BAM present at the core of the Source and as the phenomena as well.

(5) Just breathe in as all the winds enter and dissolve in the central channel at the Heart and see that the BAM source is Vajrayogini Herself, which in turn is your own mind.

(6) But the Source and phenomena are always the same. There is the Mahayogini, the embodiment of wisdom of all the Buddhas of ten directions and three times, the Krodhakali, the emanation of complete Buddhahood in a female form, the one Vajrayogini.

(7) And She is full of complete absence of inherent existence and all other qualities – Herself as the combination of bliss and emptiness.

(8) There is no you and no Her, only vast and empty absence of presence that is the Source and phenomena simultaneously – nothing is separate from the awareness at the central channel.

(9) As you breathe in you directly look at that absence of presence and see neither Her nor yourself nor your Gurudev, only thusness, even, non-arising and non-abiding, blissfully empty.

(10) There is no gain, no gain in the attainment of the natural thusness.

(11) As you breathe out you again clearly see yourself as Vajrayogini in the Outer Dakini Land, your Keajra Pure Land and, full of unlimited, boundless and unconditioned compassion, you utter the simple root essence mantra.

(12) This mantra embodies all the qualities of every other mantra in existence.

(13) Just by remembering it, even without repeating it and certainly without visualizing anything in particular, this mantra yields combined benefits, wisdom and merit of the trillions of dedicated repetitions of the Vajrasattva mantra, Clouds of Offering mantra, Your root, heart and close heart mantras, the Heruka root, heart and close heart mantrs, the three Om mantra and the Eight lines prayer to Heruka and to Yourself, Vajrayogini.

(14) Out of spontaneous compassion you see that for this simple mantra there is no need for any formal and elaborate ritualistic practice.

(15) The final phase of the Vajrayogini completion sadhana is where it shines brightly, for all will have reached the end of what can be taught and meditated upon.

(16) Without a doubt, everyone who even only one time remembers this simple mantra will attain the Keajra Pure Land and the stage of No-more-Learning in this body and in this life, and thus contribute to all sentient beings on all levels of existence in innumerable compassionate ways.

(17) You see with full honesty that this is really true and utter the simple mantra for the benefit of all sentient beings.

(18) Om Ah Hrim… [full mantra withheld]