Please, save me!

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It took a few years for me to really embrace the “role” of a teacher as far as Tantric Buddhism is concerned. My own Teacher had to repeatedly tell me to stop hiding and to open up, share my experiences, and what I received from Him. I am grateful to Him for not forcing me in any way…

I say “role” because that’s what teachers usually are: role-playing, for the most part, often appointed by some religious institution or certification or diploma, etc…

Well, in my case, there is nothing backing me up from the material world, no institution, religious center, and no paperwork. What is here, however, is what I received from my Mahasiddha Master, directly, in the Whispering or Formless Dakini Lineage.

And since My Master is obviously respecting my freedom of choice, I am inspired to do it differently. So, if you are considering taking empowerment in our Lineage, here is what you are kindly invited to keep in mind:

Path to (personal and spiritual) freedom is paved with freedom of choice and intimate effort, far beyond institutions and outside structures.
In other words, there is NO coercion in inner spiritual development & progress.

Coercion in this context translates to the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force, threats, or abuse so often seen in religious communities (more on this subject here: Abuse not welcomed here >>).

I say unassailable NO! to all dogmatic, rigid traditional and institutional systems that try to “save” people (see also: Imposing the Truth? >>), and in the process of “saving”, they ignore personal freedom and responsibility.

So, deification (worshiping a human being as purely divine, a practice so frequent in Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.) is quite immature from where I stand and completely out of the question. If you embrace these tendencies, please, move on.

I can not save you, and as a matter of fact, even Mahasiddhas can’t do that. You will have to save yourself, on your own terms, by your own effort in your own heart and mind, far beyond traditions, systems, and institutions. Can you live with that?
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Do not expect me to push or pull you, to abuse you (verbally or in any other way), to tell you what to do and what not to do with your life. If you need that kind of “guidance”, please, move on.
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I love open, daring people, I adore independence, common sense, joy and happiness, sheer aliveness between us, the mutual flow of respect and understanding, and freedom far beyond religious establishments of any kind…

I agree with what Master Therion used to say:

“It is necessary that we stop, once for all, this ignorant meddling with other people’s business. Each individual must be left free to follow his own path.”


What I am saying here is that if you choose to follow your own path in the Lineage of Mahasiddha Goraknath and the Formless Dakini Lineage (started by Mahasiddha Tilopa), and if you meet the requirements for inner Buddhist Tantric teachings and other advanced Vajrayana skillful means, well, you are most welcome.

Inner Esoteric or Buddhist Tantric teachings in this context translate to the two higher yoga tantras, Mahāmudrā, and Mahāmudrā Chod. I do not teach entry-level tantras as these teachings are readily available from Tibetan monks who gracefully offer empowerments even to large groups…

The inferior is action tantra,
Performance tantra is superior to that,
The supreme yoga tantra is for supreme sentient beings,
And highest yoga tantra is superior to that.
– Vajra Tent Tantra, ch 13.



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