Principal Tantric vows are:

  1. Abstain from killing living beings.
  2. Abstain from taking that which is not given.
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct.
  4. Abstain from telling lies.
  5. Abstain from alcohol and from all intoxicants.

The 3. and 5. vows translate to refraining from abusing the sexual energy and various intoxicants and from taking refuge in these things as a means of escaping deeper reality.
Other vows are self-explanatory.

Additional Tantric Vows:

  1. To respect one’s Vajra Master.
  2. To resect the directives of the Enlightened Ones.
  3. To not express anger toward “Diamond Brothers”.
  4. To not abandon the love of sentient beings.
  5. To not abandon the Mind of Enlightenment or Bodhichitta.
  6. To not disparage the Doctrine of one’s own, or of another’s tenets.
  7. To not tell the confidential teachings to immature persons.
  8. To not abuse the five skandhas, for their nature belongs to the five Buddhas.
  9. To not reject emptiness.
  10. To not abandon the love for the malevolent people.
  11. To not discontinue meditating on emptiness.
  12. To not have belittling thoughts toward those with faith.
  13. To adhere to the Tantric pledges in the way they were taken.
  14. To not disparage women, who are the nature of insight.

Detailed examination of these Vows: