Secret mantra: the direct path

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Vajrayana, the Secret Mantra path

“According to Sutra teachings the root of samsara is self-grasping and the delusions that arise from it. However, according to Secret Mantra teachings the root of samsara is ordinary appearances and ordinary conceptions. The self-grasping recognized by Sutra practitioners is only a gross ordinary conception.”
The new guide to Dakini land

Self-grasping and delusions that arise from it, is only wrong perception itself, and thats all. Ego, the ahamkara (I am the doer, the “I and mine” notion) – there is nothing wrong with it. It is as guilty as, say, the reddness of an apple.

And so the Tantra teachings tell us to embrace everything and to deny nothing. Vedanta teachings, seen from Tantric perspective, pour in disharmony (into the mind) where none exist.

No need to deny anything; instead, tolerance and compsssion is advocated. All we need do is alter our perception and through the right view see all phenomena as it really is: an inherent part of Adibuddha. And the Adibuddha is non-existant. There is only thusness, blissfully empty.

Everyday life is all there is to it and the ultimate natural state of awareness, buddhadhātu, could as well be called “driving a car”, “Saturday night” or “eating champa”. A path of percieving everything as a part and particle of Adibuddha who is actually Empty Bliss, and experiencing that Bliss through any perception is in itself affirmation of the fact that you and me are already Adibuddha.

It is indeed the most direct path, in my opinion and experiences.

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