Spiritual Shadows

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The appearances of the world are not the problem,
it’s clinging (or aversion) to them that causes suffering.
— Mahasiddha Tilopa

Many people are simply deluding themselves by believing that purity (renunciation of desires, passions, money, sex, enjoyments, material abundance, etc.) defines closeness to complete salvation or attainment of supreme siddhi (mahamudra).

Transpersonal or spiritual shadow (illusion, ignorance, delusion) is very, very difficult to recognize, and even more difficult to overcome…

… it is quite easy, however, by engaging in everyday life, fully.

Having a life (job, kids, money, hobbies, general passion for life, education, health, family…) is the way out of the aforementioned delusion.

Hevajra Anuttarayoga Tantra approach:

“One must rise by that by which one falls”

“By whatever thing the world is bound, by that the bond is unfastened”

“Beings are bound by passion and are released by utilizing passion”

Definitively a road less traveled. Most practitioners of any kind of spiritual path, swear by distancing themselves from the relative everyday life experience, believing that everyday life is not spiritual. In truth, it is their misconception that is coloring the everyday life…

It is my observation and indeed experiences that such an approach only leads to disconnect from the rest of humanity, denial of personal tendencies, and unrealistic, unreasonable, and un-grounded mentality.

That is none of me; thanks but no thanks. I love common sense, and I love living outside established humanmade religious traditions and philosophical systems (most of which downright deny everyday life and normal human existence). Of course, it seems it is easier for me to perceive relative reality as nondual. The sadhana I underwent aimed at full integration of nondual insights into everyday life, here and now, unconditionally and thoroughly. 

“The only way out is through.”
– Carl Gustav Jung

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