Vajra Kali

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Kali as Troma Nagmo, an aspect of Vajrayogini
(art by Laura Santi)

Kali, a form of the Vajrayogini, is here seen as Troma Nagmo, the primary deity of the Buddhist Nyingma Chod practice (which is basically the Anuttarayoga Tantra).

She is the wrathful form of Prajnaparamita, the Queen of all Buddhas. Her wrathfullness expresses the intensity of Her compassion for all beings, and burns through the fabric of duality, the illusion of right and wrong.

Emptiness is inseparable from its resplendent capacity for manifesting beneficial appearances, Wrathful mother, Troma, also known as Vajra Khrodikali.

Kali dances on the shava, a corpse, representing Her conquest over ignorance and delusion. And She dances on the corpses of Her initiates, inviting them/us to surrender to Her the impurities from the three bodies.

Her flaying knife represents flaying the enemies of faith – doubt and hatred. She is free, wild, fierce and loving, passionate in Her compassion for all.

Yangthang Rinpoche (please see His biography here >>, new page opens up) said, at the Vajrayana Foundation Hawaii in 1991:

“In Chod, the principal meditation deity is Yeshay Tsogyal or Troma Nakmo, the Black Dakini as the female wisdom energy is involved in this practice. 
In some texts, the dakini is red or black, or at first red and then black; sometimes she holds the curved blade in her right hand; sometimes the damaru in her right hand and a thigh bone in her left; sometimes she is holding a curved blade in her right hand and a skull in her left. 
As a dakini, she is the expression of divine wisdom; when she appears in red she is more peaceful and [when] she appears in black, more wrathful. However the wrathfulness is the intensity of her compassion and isn’t anger. She is the mother or source of all buddhas called Prajnaparamita, or Transcendental Wisdom.”

She is more compassionate than all other Goddesses, for she does not allow Her initiates to cherish imperfection in the physical plane, the vital plane, the mental plane, or in the three bodies. It is Her infinite Compassion that frees Her initiates from the fetters of ignorance.

So if you choose to invoke Her, its important that you realize what you are in for. It will be intense and also very effective in a short amount of time. She will help you burn down everything but pure bliss-emptiness awareness.

Troma Nakmo, The Black Dakini
Art from Himalayan art.

Many Western practitioners seem to wonder about the true identity of Black Dakini, Vajrakali.
Well, here is a part of the teachings by Venerable Yangthang Rinpoche:

“…Troma is inseparable from the lama as Dharmakaya: Kuntuzangmo (Prajnaparamita), Samboghakaya: Dorje Palmo (Vajravarahi), Nirmanakaya: Troma (Vajra Khrodikali). The essence of Troma Nagmo is Yeshe Tsogyal. Troma Nagmo means black wrathful lady, she shows the powerful nature of Yeshe Tsogyal and Khandro Tuk Tik, the heart essence of the dakini…”

More information on the Vajra Mother here >>

Only Her direct darshan and Her empowerment will grant the inner experience which will reveal the truth, however.

Om Krim Kali
Om Ah Hrim

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