Vajrayoginī form

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Buddha Vajrayogini

“Upon this I arise in the form of Venerable Vajrayogini. My outstretched right leg treads on the breast of red Kalarati. My bent left leg treads on the head of black Bhairawa, which is bent backwards. I have a red-colored body which shines with a brilliance like that of the fire of the aeon.

I have one face, two hands, and three eyes looking towards the Pure Land of the Dakinis. My right hand, outstretched and pointing downwards, holds a curved knife marked with a vajra. My left holds up a skullcup filled with blood which I partake of with my upturned mouth. My left shoulder holds a
khatanga marked with a vajra from which hang a damaru, bell and triple banner.

My black hair hanging straight covers my back down to my waist. In the prime of my youth, my desirous breasts are full and I show the manner of generating bliss. My head is adorned with five human skulls and I wear a necklace of fifty human skulls. Naked, I am adorned with five mudras and stand in the centre of a blazing fire of exalted wisdom.

by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, “The New Guide to Dakini Land”, Tharpa Publications.
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