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Vajrayoginī is the female yogi embodying and sharing the most profound, the bliss-emptiness “diamond” knowledge.

She is emanation of Arya Tara and one the Anuttarayoga Tantra Istadevi (the only and the first Deity) and Her practice includes methods for preventing ordinary death, intermediate state (bardo) and rebirth (by transforming them into the paths to enlightenment), and for transforming all mundane daily experiences into spiritual paths.

As such, it is especially tailored for modern aspirants:

“The Vajrayogini yoga method is extremely powerful. It is just what we need in these degenerate times, with our delusions running rampant and our minds grasping at concretized sense pleasures. Therefore, a method such as this, which has the wisdom to transform delusions, is of the utmost need, especially as it has the profound property of becoming more powerful as delusions becomes stronger.”
-Lama Thubten Yeshe

Vajrayogini has many forms. Her other forms include Vajravārāhī and Krodikali (alt. Krodhakali, Kālikā, Krodheśvarī, Krishna Krodhini, the “Wrathful Lady”, the “Fierce Black One”).

Vajrayoginī is a dakini and the Vajrayana Buddhist Istadevi. As such, she is a female Buddha, often referred to as Sarva Buddha Dakini, meaning “the dakini who is the Essence of all Buddhas”.

It seems that She has decided to manifest in the West for the well being of all sentient beings.

We can see that, despite various traditional prohibitions and regulations, more and more authentic books on Her sadhana are available here in the West (please, see the Resources page, here >> ) and that is really wonderful.

Her mantras and practices have been kept secret for hundreds of years…
…and that era is coming to an end, as per my observations.

With this Blog I am hoping to contribute to Her incremental presence here in the West..

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